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Drs. Brenda Lynn Nelson-Porter, Neutral, ND, DM, MIT, BAS, AAS, CPP

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About the Firm and Founder

Brigette is the French translation for 'Brenda'.

Business Mission: To exceed organizational and academia stakeholders expectations by delivering quality service and products to clients (learners, scholars, and researchers) with a genuine commitment to their best interests in the e-Technological market! As a purchasing, technology, and research professional, Dr. Nelson-Porter is fully committed to deliver clients the highest level of quality service . . . . the kind of first class service that will earn client's trust, respect, and future business.

Type of Business: Administrative and Project Management Consulting Services


Brigette's Technology practice specializes in the design of artificial intelligence (AI) for academic visionary mentoring, academic data analysis, and industry data analysis; research software for observational investigations and academic legal cases; software application for educational scholarships for the college freshman; and websites and the critiquing of website content for businesses and professional associations.

Brigette's Consulting practice is extended to e-coaching leaders, who include entrepreneurs, on effective ways to meet the demands of a global society, purchase goods and services, increase productivity, add value, and build cohesiveness with peers.

Brigette's Research practice virtually explores global diverse perspectives and organizational cultures to transform larger organizational cultures into a flexible culture, assists small businesses owners with understanding how research helps achieve their dreams and become competitive leaders, and coaches learners on the research processes, which aim to reduce the number of All But Dissertations (ABDs). Services include preparing procurement tenders, conducting legal research and natural health research and assisting with the composition and synthesis of literature of theses and dissertations, online data collection, the solicitation of potential participants, editing, qualitative data analysis, corporate case studies, composition of book forwards or reviews, and others, and more. . . .

Higher Education

International Doctor of Philosophy (PhDc ): Research Topics: Women in Africa and Underserved Communities: World Distributed Information University (WIDU), April 2007-October 2017

Doctor of Naturopathy (ND): Trinity: School of Natural Health, July 2015

Doctor of Management (DM): Organizational Leadership. DM designated by the University of Phoenix (UOP)-Online, August 2004: Dissertation topic explores:

Profiled in Future: The Alumni Magazine of UOP: Nelson-Porter builds her business by helping others build theirs and Facebook contest.

Other Designations: Nutrigenomics Graduate Certificate (2022); Neutral/Arbitrator (2017); Online Teaching Certificate (2009); American InterContinental University (AIU), Dunwoody, GA (2000): ''Masters of Information Technology (MIT);" Clayton College and State University, Morrow, GA (1998): ''Bachelor of Applied Science of Management (BAS);'' Gordon College, Barnesville, GA (1993): "Associate of Applied Science in Business (AAS);" and the International Correspondence School (ICS) in PA (1996): ''Journalism'' Diploma. "Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)'' designated by the American Purchasing Society (1998).

Professional Experiences

Natural Healthcare Academic Research: Perimenopause, PTSD, Cancer, Sports Fitness, Elderly Care, Work-Related Stress, Strategic Thinking

Academic/Research Scientist: Dr. Nelson-Porter is the proud Founder, Developer, and Inventor of the:

Composer of Articles and Book Forwards: Management Dynamics in the New Economy ©2011 (formerly named: Modern Management: Concepts and Topical Issues); The New Alternative Women’s Entrepreneurship Education: e-Learning and Virtual Universities (republished: in the International Women Online Journal of Distance Education [p. 46]); other scholarly e-publications, and children e-booklets.

Visionary Mentor: University of Phoenix Alumni Scholarship Provider (2006-2007): Paying it Forward: Dr. Nelson-Porter mentored Marcia Lemon Atkins, Founder of Taxi Mom-Grandma on the Go, who has successfully completed her Master's degree in 2013 from UOP; Educational Scholarships for the College Freshman; Other mentoring efforts.

Speaker: In November 2005, Dr. Nelson-Porter participated in the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society in Tunis, Africa as a debater on Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT), gender, and human rights. Nelson-Porter attended on the invitation of the WSISGender Caucus. Nelson-Porter's Tunis experiences have been noted in the e-Journal, Mobilizing The International Workforce. [More Speaking Topics]

Purchasing Professional: As a supply chain professional [procurement of services and goods] and preparer of procurement tenders, Dr. Nelson-Porter's record speaks for itself: Nelson-Porter is proud that she has worked at leading technologies companies and sat on the National Association of Purchasing Management-GA's (NAPM-GA) Board of Directors with upper managers from leading F500 organizations and NAPM-West GA Board. Nelson-Porter is the proud recipient of the Superior Accomplishment Recognition Award (SARA) presented by the Department of Defense (U.S. Navy) in 1994 for outstanding performance in purchasing items for Navy Exchanges worldwide and maintaining the number one department during her employment duration. As a technologist and servant leader, Nelson-Porter is the proud recipient of the 2000 Presidential Award for serving as the Webmaster and Membership Chair for the NAPM-GA chapter.

Marine/Soldier: U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Marine Corps Reserves (Staff Sergeant; Aviation Maintenance), and Georgia Army Reserve National Guards (GaARNG; Officer Candidate): Leadership Role: Prepared Troops to Succeed in Life!


Christianity: Added to the Kingdom and Book of Life through confession and full water baptism February 12, 2006.

Community Involvement

Clean-Up Your Own House: A Worldwide Community-Based Resolution©. e-Book highlights the following: (In Progress)

Media and Interviews

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