The Concept Behind the "Organizational Gender Perception Theory" is Presented in the Doctoral Dissertation

Nelson-Porter, Brenda Lynn, ND, DM








University of Phoenix, 2004, 265 pages
AAT 3148728

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Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter


The purpose of this mixed-methods research was to determine if gender inequality, the traditional perception of women, or other influential factors was the underlying cause for the marginalizing of women at the senior executive level in the information technology (IT) arena. Women were underrepresented in the IT profession at the top executive level nationwide. Women of all professions accounted for less than 3% to 5% of top executive positions overall; in essence, female senior executives in IT accounted for 1% to 4% of the overall percentage nationwide. Findings showed that the traditional perception of women was the underlying source for the underrepresentation.


I would like to dedicate my dissertation in the loving memories of my grandfathers (i.e., Bud Kellam and LC Nelson) and grandmothers (i.e., Cora M. Kellam and Ethel Nelson). Mrs. Kellam, my mother's mother, once said, "Get all the education you can while you have a husband that will support you." Mrs. Nelson, my father's mother, who departed her life during my doctoral studies stated prior to her passing "Education is good, but make sure you make some money so you can take care of yourself and will not have to depend on anyone else." I plan to honor their wishes.


Extraordinary women: Lena M. Nelson (mother), Lora Rice (best friend and oldest sister), Remicha and Sheila Nelson (sisters), Betty Everett and Londey Jackson (aunts [deceased]), Francis Philyaw (godmother), and Marcia Atkins, Iris Mojica, and Elnora Burroughs (friends); three dedicated men: Douglas M. Porter (husband), John H. Nelson (father), and Johnny Walker (retired MGySgt, U.S. Marine supervisor); and four special children: Brigette I (born in: Yokosuka, Japan), Didier II (Virginia Beach, VA), Chappell III (Jonesboro, GA), and a-Deja IV (born 9/11/2002 during my doctoral studies in Jonesboro) gave me strength and words of encouragement in and throughout my life and professional and academic career. I want to personally thank each of them for allowing me to be in their lives and a part of their family. These are the persons that have never forsaken me when I wanted to achieve success. They have gone the extra mile to ensure that I remain on the track to becoming successful. Mrs. Rice has a free spirit and heart of always giving even when she does not have anything to give. Mrs. Philyaw has been my godmother for nearly 20 years, guiding me on the challenges I will face in my professional life. Last but not least, my parents: In all my years, I have never met a woman who is so pure and always trying to do the "right" thing. Although a career housewife, God has blessed her to lead four successful educated daughters. My father, who has worked harder than any being I ever met to supply the basic needs of life for his family, is all-successful. God has awarded his family many blessing. Thank you mom and dad for carrying out these roles and being true leaders. Your work lives on through all your children and grandchildren. This dissertation would not be possible without their contributions and unconditional love. I also express my gratitude to Mrs. Lester (2nd grade teacher), Carolyn Stewart (7th grade teacher), all my dissertation committee members for supporting my educational venture, participants in the study, and the CEO Refresher for its sponsorship.

APA Formatting: 5th Edition

Nelson-Porter, B. L. (2004).  Women executives in the information technology arena
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Nelson-Porter, B. L. (2004).  Women executives in the information technology arena
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