Objective: To Determine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, And Threats (SWOT)



Represents Time ~ The Time Has Been Born When All Entrepreneurs Can Unite and Form a Universal Alliance



Campaign Action Plan

Two months prior to the commencement of 'National Mentoring Week,' entrepreneurs are to compose a correspondence to a corporate or government executive, senior executive, or official, who the entrepreneur does not personally know, asking one of these leaders to be a virtual mentor for one (1) week. The correspondence is to provide a brief discussion of the entrepreneur's experiences and business objectives. After acceptance, mentors and entrepreneurs are to engage in the following daily dialog. Entrepreneurs are to maintain a journal. At the end of the journey, entrepreneurs will write and distribute a brief scenario to share with other entrepreneurs (e.g. in Blog format). Mentors' contact information should not to be disclosed.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven


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