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Tele-Coaching Session Service Contract
Career, Education, and Business 

Shaping your business, academic, and professional careers so that you can emerge as a professional, specialist, or expert.
Coaching sessions take place via telephone conversations.
This service does not include critiquing resumes or finding employment.

Mailing Address:
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Email Address: 
Present Position: 
Best Date To Call: 

Explain the Nature of The Call/E-mails: 

Select Services:

    Education: College Name  
         How Might I Develop My: Paper  Thesis or Proposal
    Education:  What College Program May Help My Career (click here)
    Business Development: Business Name
    Software Learning Program : Plan 1 or Plan 2

One-On-One Tele-Sessions or E-Sessions Fees:

$155.00    1 hour and 1 email tips OR 5 emails to possibly support the nature of your inquiry
$200.00    1.5 consecutive hours and 2 email tips OR 8 emails to possibly support the nature of your inquiry
$250.00    2 consecutive hours and 3 email tips OR 10 emails to possibly support the nature of your inquiry
$350.00    2.5 consecutive hours and 4 email tips OR 12 emails to possibly support the nature of your inquiry
$475.00    3 consecutive hours and 5 email tips OR 15 emails to possibly support the nature of your inquiry

Amount Enclosed:   money order. Make payable to: Brenda Nelson-Porter.

I am agreeing to pay for the selected service(s).  Once full payment and invoice are received, tele-coaching and e-mentoring will commence. I understand that there are no refunds and no guarantees this service will result in profits, employment, or  approvals.

Emails may not consist of peer-reviewed or scholarly articles, but solely popular/regular Internet sources/links. Once emails are sent, the emails are deemed received by the client under the mail box rule of law. Thus, it is the client's responsibility to ensure to provide the Firm the correct email address that is not over capacity.

I understand there will be no personal visits with client.

I understand that is a legal binding service contract and not a contract for the sale of goods or tangible products. I further understand any legal disputes associated with this contract has to be mitigated in the State of Georgia (Newnan).

Violation of terms will result in cancellation or non-renewal of contract (additional sessions) with the research firm (parent company) and the Firms' subsidiaries.


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