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e-Exposure Service Contract
Events, Seminars, Classes, Publications, and Business

Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm (known as the "Firm) enjoys online networking, sharing knowledge, and helping scholars and businesses grow.

If the Firm's e-Exposure service is of interest, complete this service contract and email the advertisement information (i.e., press release, event flyer, or newsletter or other related information and select a press release format) to

Only one (1) form of e-advertisement per email distribution.

Once the service contract and payment of  are received, the Firm will email the information using the Firm's email distribution list to those who may be interested.

Disclaimer: If the contracting organization provides the same or similar service(s) as Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm (known as the "Firm", the requesting organization (Contractee) cannot use this service.

Name of Contractee:
Organization Name: 
Phone Number:  Fax Number: 
Email Address: 

Form of Advertisements: Event/Trade Show    Seminar/Lecture/Class/Course    Business and/or Website
                                         Speaker/Conference  Publication (Book, e-Book, Article, Newsletter, Journal,  and Dissertation)
                                          [hyperlinks do not display how your e-Exposure will look, these are other services offered by the Firm]

ePress Release Design: Simply Forward Email/Flyer Provided by Contractee

Title for e-Advertisement:

Only a money order or a company or cashier check or Wells Fargo direct deposit will be accepted. Make payable to: Brenda Nelson-Porter.

Total Amount Enclosed:

I (Contractee) am agreeing to pay the Firm for the service indicated. I am authorized to release this information sent via email to the Firm to be e-Distributed.

I understand that there are no refunds and no guarantees that business, clients, and profits will result from the e-exposure.

I understand that email addresses and listings will not be open for the Contractee to view before or after the e-Distribution because emails and the email listing are the property of the Firm. I understand if a potential subject emails the Firm requesting more information, that email will be forwarded to the Contractee, and the Firm will not answer those types of requests.

I understand there will be no spamming and no posting of flyers, information, or links to the Firm's website, and the Firm will not be held liable for misprints. I also understand that the Firm holds the rights to post the information or web link pertaining to the subject of this contract on social media websites in an effort to generate more potential subjects.

I understand the Firm holds the rights to decline clients if a potential clients' services are in conflict with the Firm's services.

Signature:  _____________________________________________, Contractee    Date: