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Brigette’s Technology Consulting and Research Firm (hereinafter referred to as the "Firm" or "Contractor"), own and operated by Dr. Brenda L. Nelson-Porter, agrees to contract the Firm's Website Development Services to (Contractee), own and operated by .

Both parties have agreed upon Three Hundred Seventy-Five U.S. Dollars ($375.00) as payment per webpage (link) and a minimum of five (5) webpages, which total One Thousand Eight Hundred Seventy Five U.S. Dollars, $1,875.00. Webpages may include text, images, links, tables, and forms offered in the Microsoft FrontPage 2003 application. Forms are interactive in terms of sending transmission (information) to another email address or webpage and not to a database, meaning that forms are not active server pages (ASP) and will not total retail costs. Contractee is to furnish Contractor with all textual information for the site.

Internet Service Providers: Both parties have agreed that the Contractor will furnish the Contractee with a name of an Internet service (i.e., hosting) and domain name provider. The Contractee will set up the connection service and secure the domain name in the Contractee organization's or preferred name. The monthly Internet connection service charge and the domain name cost varies,  which are to be paid to and secured with to the providers prior to any web design by the Firm.

Note: The Contractee will receive a monthly or annual charge for the connection service or domain name directly from the service providers and not the Firm. It is the Contractee's sole responsibility to pay these fees.

Local Contractees Only:

Apply to All Contractees:

Design and Layout: Contractee is to submit description of vision which the Contractor will attempt to bring to reality through the Firm's services. Additional details must be submitted prior to the start of the web site development and design in a Word Document and by email:


Advertising Website: If Contactee wants the Contractor to advertise the site to various persons and/or organization via email (the Firm's distribution list only), the Contractee agrees to pay the Contractor $175.00 for one email distribution using the Firm's email distribution list of selected potential clients or members. The Contractor does not guarantee that the web site, design, or information presented will generate clients or members in the present or future time, monies, sales, and/or profits.

Payment Terms: This agreement also service as the invoice. Payment is due effective date of this service contract. All remittance should be made payable to Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter and sent by U.S. Mail to: Brigette's Website Development, 105 Wilson Circle, Newnan, GA 30263 USA. Form of payment include: company, money order, or cashier's check only.

Website Development and Web Page Design:

     $1,875.00: Total number of pages ~ five (5) minimum @ $375.00 x minimum pages

     Design additional pages @ 375.00 per page totaling .

    Purchase another application or software package, , which costs (fee enclosed)

Advertising the Site: Using one (1) time email distribution:

    Yes:     No

Custom Made Animated Logo:

    Yes:     No

Custom-Made Animated Banner:

    Yes:     No

Installing Software and Training:  Local Contractee Only (Newnan and Peachtree City, GA only)

    No    Yes: Select one option:

                  $365.00: To purchase and install the FrontPage 2003 software package and give a 20-minute crash course of FrontPage

                  $175.00: To install another application and give a 20-minute crash course of the other application.

Total Amount Enclosed:

Updates and Additional Design: If Contractee wants the Contractor to update information on the site not redesign the site after the completion of project, the Contractee agrees to pay the Contractor $75.00 per hour to update any changes on the existing site provided that Contractee furnishes all information. Contractee will need to submit payment with a supplemental invoice.

Additional Terms: The Contractor will not be held liable for any virus, computer failures, or if the site does not produce traffic or paid profits. The Contractor's services do not include custom-made animated logo or banner designs. These services will be outsourced to an independent designer. There are no refunds once performance starts, and no guarantees that web design will result in site or onsite visits or clients or members or potential clients or members.

Irrespective of the place of performance, this Service Contract and any dispute arising under or in connection with the execution of terms and conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the United States. Any legal disputes associated with this Service Contract will be mitigated in the State of Georgia (Newnan) United States of America.


This agreement is effective for one (1) year from the signature date and when both parties sign. Only changes by an agreed Amendment will be accepted to amend this contract. Signatures indicate that is a legal document and service contract.

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