Objective: To Begin The New Year Prepared To Meet The Demands Of A Global Society



Represents Time ~ The Time Has Been Born When All Entrepreneurs Can Unite and Form a Universal Alliance


Campaign Action Plan


    Accept no business calls
    Restock office supplies
    Clean office
        Recycle paper, newspaper, and plastic
    Update address book
        Delete old emails
        Do not answer emails
    Send out 'Thank You' cards
        Baby sitters
        Mailman or mailwomen
    Open all mail and prioritize
    File paper work
    Prepare for income tax audits
    Register your Trademark
    Develop a business blog and slogan
    Document next year's objectives
    Revisit and update business plan
        Conduct a SWOT analysis
        Incorporate networking strategies


    Pay bills
    Purchase stamps
    Service pets
    Cut coupons and mail off rebates
    Replace card board box with plastic totes
    Empty the trash
    Recycle cans and aluminum
    Balance checkbook
    Buy groceries

Run Around Time

    Visit a day spa for a few hours
    Tune-up vehicles
    Donate old equipment, clothing, and accessories
    Have lunch outside the workplace
    Schedule dental and doctor appointments
    Prepare for the Entrepreneur Designation Examinations