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For the Soon to be College Freshman

FreshSECURE (FS), a Software Application to Assist Graduating High School Scholars, Parents, and Learning Communities Secure the Enrollment of Freshmen by Applying for Scholarships that Aid in the Transformation of High School Scholars into Visionaries!


The submission date is subject to change and will be based on the schedule of the majority participants.

"[FreshMYND] I think this would be a great measurement, as it will help develop the future of academic counselors" Dr. Phaedra Weiler
"[FreshMYND] Interesting. It does make the young person think--helps screen if filling out the application was mom's idea" Dr. David Alegre
"The questions are open-ended and do not lead the person being queried. The questions and the assessment are simple to understand and clear, yet, they cover the required information.
[The FreshMYND] will assess the high school students' experiences with high school administration" Dr. Jewel Ward



FreshSECURE is a Trademark of Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm

Provisional Patent: United States Patent and Trademark Office
Foreign Filing License Granted 12/19/2011: No: US 61/630,***


Disclaimer: The Software is in the developmental/designer stage.