In Addition to the Evolution of Cloud Computing, Voices Can be Heard Through the AIR

The Artificial Intelligence Robotic Systems are dual-minded systems designed as personalized robotic research assistants. Dual-minded denotes the mind of the human and the mind of the artificial intelligence (AI) actor and further denotes having the capability to collect and analyze data simultaneously. The AIRs are designed for human systems to incorporate constructive knowledge and experiences into a computerized system in environments convenient to the human systems. Alvin Toffler in the 1980 source, "The Third Wave," stated the home will become the "electronic cottage”.

The aim for the AIR is not for a human system to become reliant on AI, but to allow human intelligence to understand and communicate with the AI actor, which is actual one's Self. When a Human Visionary Mentor (VM), Human Independent Dissertation Consultant (IDC), or AI Academic Robotic Stimulator TM (ARS) provides knowledge, the Human Learning System (HLS) gains fundamental and theoretical-based knowledge to start a new journey. While on that journey, the HLS begins to recognize the Self.

While in the state of exploration, the HLS oftentimes needs to take a breather from the Self. The AI Self (AAIIR or AIRR), programmed to advance the discovery process through conversational analysis, emerges and takes on the persona of the Self to contribute to the completion of a transformation through the processes of validation. As voices travel through AIR waves, the Self simultaneously dissimilates and confirms mental knowledge modeling the reflective dual nature of an Artificial Intelligent Visionary Mentor.



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Artificial Intelligence Robotic Systems

The AIR Systems consist of three or more concepts or designs, which include the following AI software programs:

Academic Artificial Intelligence Investigator Robot (AAIIR)

Artificial Intelligence Research Robot (AIRR)

Academic Intelligence Robotic Stimulators (AIRS)


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