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Initial Virtual Research Project

If you are a Professional Licensed Medical Practitioner and would like to have research conducted about natural health remedies associated with PTSD,
please complete the following form and submit $5,500 USD payment for services to via Paypal or Dwolla with the following message in bold:

I understand this natural healthcare research service provider (Brigette's Natural Healthcare Academia Research Firm) is to provide me one (1) five (5)-page document to include suggestions to approach the underlying cause(s) of the symptoms I have indicated in the form submission.
I understand this is a natural healthcare research service and a not medical service that diagnoses diseases and/or administers prescription medications.
I further understand there is no refunds and no guarantees associated with the outcome of the research findings.

Once completed form (in English) and payment are received, practitioners will be provided a five-page (5) document within 20 business days of submission to include research findings on how to approach the symptoms related to PTSD.
If the practitioner desires further research, click here:


Client Full Legal Name:       Current Title:

Contact Information:
To maintain confidentiality, the email above is where your suggestions will be emailed.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Here, specify the focus of the research requesting. If left blank, these factors may not be considered for the findings:

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Age Group:     Gender:      Weight:      Height:      Eye Color: 

Blood Pressure:    

Food Allergies:     Medication Allergies:

Medications (Dose/Frequency) Effect:

Supplements (Dose/Frequency) Effect:

Medical History: 

PSTD Origination:  War Zone:   Other Trauma:

Year PSTD Diagnosed by a Licensed Psychiatrist/MD): 

Recreational Habits (Alcohol/Tobacco/Street Drugs/Frequency):

Food Consumption Preference: Vegetarian, Vegan, Semi-Vegetarian/Pescetarian, Omnivore (select one):  

Family Medical History:

Instructions: Type Your Explanations After Each Question. Do Not Remove the Text in the Textbox:





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The Firm's Research Projects: The Firm Would Appreciate Your Participation. Thank You.


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