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Initial Virtual Research Project

If you are a Professional Licensed Medical Practitioner and would like to have research conducted about natural health remedies associated with thinking strategically,
please complete the following form and submit $5,500 USD payment for services to via Paypal or Dwolla with the following message in bold:

I understand this natural healthcare research service provider (Brigette's Natural Healthcare Academia Research Firm) is to provide me one (1) five (5)-page document to include suggestions to approach the underlying cause(s) of the symptoms I have indicated in the form submission.
I understand this is a natural healthcare research service and a not medical service that diagnoses diseases and/or administers prescription medications.
I further understand there is no refunds and no guarantees associated with the outcome of the research findings.

Once completed form (in English) and payment are received, practitioners will be provided a five-page (5) document within 20 business days of submission to include research findings on how to approach the symptoms related to thinking strategically.
If the practitioner desires further research, click here:


Client Full Legal Name:       Title:

Contact Information:
To maintain confidentiality, the email above is where your suggestions will be emailed.

RESEARCH FOCUS: Here, specify the focus of the research requesting. If left blank, these factors may not be considered for the findings:

Hours (Select One):

Age:     Gender:      Weight:     Height:      Eye Color: 

Blood Pressure:   Blood Work (Results):

Known Food Allergies:     Known Medication Allergies:

Medications Intake (Dose/Frequency) Effect:

Supplement Intake (Dose/Frequency) Effect:

Medical History: 

Origin/Trigger of Brain Fog:

Last CT/MRI/PET Scan (State/Date/Results):

Personal Recreational Habits (Alcohol/Tobacco/Street Drugs/Frequency):

Food Consumption Preference: Vegetarian, Vegan, Semi-Vegetarian/Pescetarian, Omnivore (select one):  

Family Medical History:

Instructions: Type Your Explanations After Each Question. Do Not Remove the Text in the Textbox:







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