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Shoreline Concept

This concept involves three 3-member teams debating on the proposed subject matters over a course of 3 days while cruising.
The concept is modeled as a bow of a ship forging ahead caring nine academic lifeboats.

Once docked, acquiring professors may highly consider changing course to become a full-time or tenured professor by participating in preparatory training sessions in the selected cities (e.g., higher education training hubs).



Day One
S Shared Leadership
H Humanities
O Ontology
Day Two
R Reasoning (Deductive)
E Experiences (Inductive)
L Learning Management Systems
Day Three
I Intelligent Games
N Natural Health Techniques
E Emotional Intelligence








Ride Wit Me
I Know Something You Don't Know, I Got Something to Tell You ~ 
Can We Get Tickets to the Next Show, It's All Good, If You Want to Go Take a Ride Wit Me

Rock The Boat
Change Position, New Position, Get Me Where I'm Going, Let's Coast, That's Too Slow ~
Go Ahead and Put This Thang in Motion
, New Position

Rock The Boat
I Like To Know Where, You Got The Notion

Who Am I
From the Depths of the Sea, What's My Name [Dr. B, Visionary and Devil Dogg]

Love Overboard, I Just Can't Help Myself




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