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                Non-Experimental: (a) descriptive  (b) correlational  (c) longitudinal  (d) ex post facto  (e) project intervention (PI-existing project)

Phenomenological    Grounded theory    Ethnography   AutoEthnography    Phenomenological Case Study
        Case Study: (a) explanatory  (b) exploratory  (c) descriptive  (d) project intervention (PI-new project)



  Dissertation Chapter Composition* (limited editing: see below for full)

    University: D (see listing)

        Topic Paper  Concept Paper Prospectus: For  Hours
Proposal/Internship Proposal: (PhD) Chapters 1, 2, & 3 for  Hours OR DBA Sections 1 & 2 for  Hours OR  DNP Sections I, II, & III for  Hours

Proposal/Internship Proposal: Chapters 1 through  for  Hours
 [If the proposal (not the dissertation) contains more than 3 chapters, contact the Firm prior to completing and signing this contract]

Internship Paper/Practicum/Dissertation: (PhD) Chapters 4 and 5 for  Hours OR (DBA) Section 3 for  Hours. This service does not include Data Analysis

Internship Paper/Practicum/Dissertation (if more than 5 chapters): Chapters 4 through  For  Hours. This service does not include Data Analysis

PowerPoint Presentation (PPP) for Oral Defense Preparation: Add $400.00 (maximum 10 slides completed)
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Committee Member's Name and Designation: 
Committee Member's Name and Designation: 

Capstone Project (Answering Questions in Essay Format) for  Hours

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Limited editing under the composition service contact. Select a writing style:
         MLA Writing Style   APA 6th Ed. Writing Style    ACS Writing Style
          Editing what and which data and/or information are at the discretion of the representative of the Firm who is editing.

External Validity: Peer Debriefer    External Auditor / Reviewer    Devil Advocate
      This service is offered when the entire dissertation has been written

Sample Composed Statements
         Sample Purpose Statement
Sample Problem Statement


 I understand that the Firm has composed this statement and will not alter this statement after statement has been emailed to the client.

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money order or cashier/official company Bank of America/Wells Fargo transfer ONLY payable to: Brenda Nelson-Porter and not the organization.

Western Union (770-254-3030: Kroger at Thomas Crossroad, Newnan GA USA), MoneyGram (Walmart, Newnan, GA USA) may ONLY be used for clients who reside outside of the USA.

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