Content Reviewing, Editing, and Formatting

This service is intended to assist students who have an almost complete or complete paper, proposal, or dissertation. This service is not intended to "do" or "compose" any learners' course papers, concept paper, prospectus, or doctoral proposal or dissertation or provide advice on various theoretical or conceptual framework or research methods and designs and align chapters information.

This service, however, intends to content review, edit (efficient in APA 5th and 6th edition writing styles), and format learners' document. Content review involves minimum dissecting the literature to determine whether sources are relevant to the study, however, does not involve finding additional peer-review articles to strengthen the study. Formatting include organizing information in a template designed by the Firm. Prices include formatting title pages and editing reference pages if submitted.

The Firm will edit document until the time contracted has expired. If document is returned prior to the expiration of time, the submission is only for the student to view progress. Learners are to resume working on their document once the final submission (along with email time-line) has been returned to the learner via email.

All information will be submitted via email. Email complete document to