Higher Education Can Decrease Overhead
by Promoting Independent Dissertation Consultation

Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm's
Economic Stimulus Ideology:
Promoting Entrepreneurship Through the Creation of Academic Task Forces

Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter

Are University Dissertation Chairs or Mentors warranted? Are University Dissertation Committees warranted?

Based on several testimonials, the percentage of dissertations that are never read external of the university, and with the increase of Doctoral Candidates as well as All But Dissertation (ABD), an abundance of University's Dissertation Chairs, Mentors, and Committee members (i.e., Staff Members) have not been agile. Thus, recognizing the talent that Independent Dissertation Consultants (IDCs) bring to the academic arena can no longer be ignored.

Independent Dissertation Consultants have demonstrated the capacity to assist Doctoral Candidates with developing scholarly documents that reflect problems experienced in research practices and global industries. As IDCs inspire to climb the vine of research professionals (see Models), IDCs will become future research scientists solving global problems manifested across diverse sectors.

Doctoral Learner + Doctoral CandidateScholastic Reviewer + Presenter + Doctoral-level Professor + Visionary Mentor + Independent Dissertation Consultant [Dissertation Chair/Mentor/Committee Member] + Library Scientist + Data Analyst + Industry Research Consultant (Certification) = Research Scientist (Expert)


Current Formula: The Vine of Research Professionals
Current Model: Becoming a Research Scientist



Doctoral Learner + Doctoral CandidateScholastic Reviewer + Presenter + Visionary Mentor  + Doctoral-level Professor + Independent Dissertation Consultant + Library Scientist + Data Analyst + Certified Industry Research Consultant =  Research Scientist (Expert)

Futuristic Formula: The Vine of Research Professionals

Futuristic Model: Becoming a Research Scientist

The University Staff Members can serve more effectively in other capacities, such as revising curriculums based on current knowledge, transforming curriculums into fun game-based learning activities with the Alumni, working with gaming researchers and technologists, mentoring newly hired professors, and encouraging learners to participate in research studies. The Staff Members may also be warranted to assist the Dean with reviewing the multitude of quality dissertations that can and will be composed by Doctoral Candidates working in harmony with IDCs.

Webinars can be presented by the University keeping IDCs abreast of the direction of the institution and the policies and guidelines surrounding the nature of the dissertation process. Possible benefits to the university include, but are not limited to:

  • Not being held liable for the lack of participation and knowledge of staff members who claim to guide doctoral candidates
  • Reduction in the number of internal complaints made by doctoral candidates and staff members
  • Reduction in salary or contractual personnel
  • Reduction in staff members who violate academic or research ethics and integrity (e.g., obtaining credit for assisting doctoral candidates who have worked with an IDC; dedicating more time to doctoral candidates who are prominent figures in society in hopes of getting further recognition through partnerships external of the university)
  • Reduction in staff members who do not promote the vision of higher education and the research profession
  • Reduction in costs associated with internal training
  • Reduction in costs and time associated with organizing supplemental onsite residencies
  • Focus on hiring talented and knowledgeable professors to teach, mentor, or facilitate the required courses
  • Increased participation of doctoral-level professors on developing in-house scholarly journals based on each discipline
  • Increased collaborative efforts through organized game-based development
  • Increased exposure of competitiveness by designing robotics, known as "Academic Robotic Stimulators," that may reflect the university's mascot to assist with teaching game-based learning curriculums on-site or virtually
  • Increased profits through paid webinars

Doctoral Candidates forming a team external of the university to assist with the dissertation process will demonstrate their abilities to socially network in a global society that encourages diverse learning. Doctoral Candidates submitting their proposal to the Internal Review Board (IRB) and dissertation to the Dean with a "Certificate of Acceptance" from an Independent Dissertation Consultant (IDC) will demonstrate the Candidates' capabilities to conduct ethical research and display independence, interdependence, and professionalism toward becoming the next Research Scientist.



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