The mission of Brigette's Explores III is to bring the New Personal Interaction concept to life by sharing, symbolizing, and promoting universal perspectives of Juris Doctoral Students and Candidates though the interviewing process (electronic, virtually, or face-to-face) of in a manner that is consistent with the value system of Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm.


e-Magazine: Click on the icon to view the sample template, which is subject to alterations. Each e-Magazine (issue) will contain up to six (6) features and a minimum of 1 peer-reviewed article. When issue is posted, the issue is (a) under review or (b) complete and can be ordered by clicking on the icon at the end of the webpage.

Purpose: Documenting the Journey of Juris Doctoral Students and Candidates is essential to build a more prosperous research community. Applying a theory of blended formal research and personal experience aims to present a platform whereby potential scholars learn from emerging scholars who are about to reach a successful end to the doctoral journey and open the door for future scholars to share their experiences.

Consideration: To be considered as a candidate to be featured in the magazine, potential interviewee cannot be a Doctoral graduate and must be a Doctoral Student in the second or third year or Doctoral Candidate. Priority may be given to the clients of the Firm.

Apply: For the upcoming issue of the the e-magazine, the Firm invites Juris Doctoral Students or Candidates to think of his or her doctoral journey and apply his or her learning experiences to concept of [Emotional Intelligence (EI)] and describe how the learning experience may be applied to the mentoring process in law firms or other legal sectors. Submit feature in a 3/4 page Word Document saved by FirstNameLastNameVol_1_2012_EI along with a current professional photo (jpeg). The feature should not include the name of the university attending or employer's name. However, the feature may include full name, Doctoral degree specialty, and a personal not business contact email address for further inquires by the readers.

Other Doctoral Students or Candidates in Other Disciplines who have brought litigation against his or her educational institution can share their experiences by discussing how EI was acquired and/or applied during the litigation process and how law firms or other legal entities may address future litigations concerning your issue using EI.

Disclaimer. Although the e-magazine will be sold, participants will receive no monies for his or her feature. If feature is selected, participant will receive a complimentary copy of the e-Magazine. The e-Magazine should not be reprinted or forwarded to others but can be referenced in other sources. The Firm will not be held liable for any misprints.

University Doctoral Program Representative: Consider advertising your program in the e-Magazine.




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