Bidding Disclaimer and Instructions

The New Reality Corporation concept is founded by Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm., hereby known as the Firm. The concept entails the process of bidding for the publication of case studies conducted by organizations and questionnaires completed by various participants. 

The following instructions only pertain to the questionnaires listed on home page ( and not the case studies.

To: Executives, Managers, Junior Personnel, Retired Personnel, and Other Participants:

By completing the questionnaire, this is voluntary consent to partake in the study and authorization to use the information provided. Each respondent must be 18 years of age or older. Please, do not use any unprofessional language. All professional responses and information provided will be sold to the highest bidder for publication. Bidders reserve the right to publish any and all information provided, which includes name, title, and company name, but not phone numbers and email addresses. Phone numbers will only be used by the bidder to clarify any information provided. As a participant, you will not be entitled to any money or cash value and/or rights to publications. The Firm and the Bidding organization will not be held liable for anything published or statements made. If responses are not sold, the Firm holds the right to publish responses in its publications.

This process may save the organization time and money. Executives, managers, and junior staff will be able to reduce their time interviewing one-on-one with reporters, publishers, and so forth. For each bid secured, $25.00 will be donated from the Firm to a nonprofit organization.

Attention Bidders, Visit: Research Organizations and Firms