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The New Reality Corporation concept is founded by Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm (hereby known as the "Firm"). The concept entails the process of bidding for the publication of case studies conducted by organizations and questionnaires completed by various participants. These bids and postings only pertain to the questionnaires listed on the home page (www.brigettes.com) and not the case studies.

KICKER: Research firms will be bidding blindly. That is, they will not be made aware of the number of responses that they will receive or who has completed the online questionnaires until they receive the printed out submissions. This is designed to test whether the leaders of the  firms are risk takers.

Attention Bidders: Research Organizations and Entities

The results of these polls can only be bidded on by the following organizations: Newspapers, Magazines, Professional Associations (to compose or be included into journals, and so forth), University Researcher, Research Associations, and Television Stations (news, commentaries, and so forth). This information will be verified.

Bidding begins the first of the month and ends the last of the month.

All bids start at $700.00 (price subject to change), with increments of $100.00.  Note. Results (i.e., responses/raw data) could be anywhere between one (1) response and infinity within a given month. For example, if there is only one response and your organization is the highest bidder (i.e. for $1,000.00), that 1 response will cost your organization $1,000.00. If there are 100 responses and your organization is the highest bidder (i.e., for $1,000.00), those 100 responses will cost your organization $1,000.00. Refunds will not be provided. Whoever has the highest bid on the last day of the month, that organization will be notified via email. Organizations have 10 business days to make payment in full. If payment is not received in 10 business days, bid will go to the next highest bidder.

Results will be forwarded in the form of printed out web submissions, email, or word documents (latter obtained from phone interviews because participant did not have access to the Internet). Note: Some of the research questions on this site and the questions on the printed result forms may appear different. The actual site continues to be updated for correct spelling and grammar. However, the scope of each research question did not change.

Information may appear on the front and back of the emails and/or documents. Any hand written information/notes on the results were provided to clarify information. The results will not be forwarded via email. Results will be delivered certified mailed once payment is received and deposited. The Firm will not maintain any responses (i.e., raw data) to that question once responses have been mailed to the highest bidder. Therefore, if highest bidder losses any information, that organization (i.e., higest bidder) will not be entitled to a refund or additional copies.

Highest bidder agrees to reference "Brigette's Technology Consulting and Research Firm" as the organization who collected the data in the publication, advertisement, and so forth. Highest bidder agrees to keep confidential respondents' phone number and email addresses. This information will not be used in any publications. Phone numbers and email addresses are only to be used to contact the participants to verify or clarify information.

If no one has bidded for the results, the poll will run until bidded on or be removed from site to a later date. The Firm reserves the right to write articles, journals, and books using the information that has not been bidded on at the end of the month. Once bid is secured, the questionnaire will be removed from the web page.  The Firm further reserves the rights to repost the same questions 6 months after they have been bidded on to be re-bidded on.

Highest bidder make payment payable to Brenda Nelson-Porter and submit all payments to:

Brigette's Polls Results
Question Title: 
105 Wilson Circle
Newnan, GA  30263

If you have any question, call 770-251-6765.