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Set yourself apart with this comprehensive program that covers critical thinking associated with advanced home-based community care management. Whether you are an emerging or a seasoned family caregiver, home health aide, companion caregiver, restorative aide, nursing assistant (NA), nurse aide (CNA), nurse-midwife (CNM), or midwife (CM), looking to stay up to date and refreshed on advanced home-based healthcare trends, the CareTUG initiative presented by Brigette's Natural Healthcare Research and Laboratory Division offers a new designation CareTUG*Caregiver for CareTUG*Caregivers , which focuses on enhancing insights and practical solutions to strengthen community-based home care.  Dive into five knowledge-based tracks, which consist of a total of 50 questions, to further explain, understand, and apply advanced concepts, principles, and practices aimed to enhance the quality of life (QoL). Furthermore, self-knowledge of your (caregiver's) wellness and mental health, which is also an integral part of the overall QoL paradigm, is important in the discovery of how cognitive control, emotions, and physical health associated with care giving impact performance capabilities.

Examination Categories

I. Sociocultural

African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians (Hmong) (5)

II. Natural Remedies and Medications

Proteomics (5)

Amino Acids: Aromatic (Phenylalanine) and Polar Uncharged (Threonine) (5)

Vitamins and Minerals: B6, K, P, and Selenium  (5)

Enteral Nutrition (Tube Feeding) vs Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN): (2)

III. Therapeutics

Wound Care (5)

Reflexology and Guided Imagery (3)

Acupressure and Acupuncture (2)

Holistic Occupational Therapy (OT): Phonophoresis and Iontophoresis (5)

IV: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tele Health (w/Provider) (3)

Tele Health (w/Patient) (2)

V. Public Policies

Nutrition (3)

Food Contamination (3)

        Health Insurance Programs (2)

Nutritional Health Intervention: Submit Ancestry DNA Panel Results to This Firm with Application. This Firm Will Submit To Obtain Your Complimentary Nutrigenomics Report!

Mental Health Intervention: Test Kit Will Be Sent Once Application Is Received. Lab Cost Is The Responsibility of the Applicant. A Copy of The Results of The Test Should Be Submitted To This Firm.



Accreditation represents the qualified courses that are provided by creditable sources: professional associations, businesses, and educational institutions. Professional Development Credits (PDCs), which include contact hours.

Disclaimer: This designation program is privately owned and not associated with any other public or private caregiver program

This 3-year certification was designed for caregivers who meet the following requirements:

***This certification/designation does not replace state requirements to become a state certified or licensed healthcare professional***

Code of Code

Professional standards established by Designate's state laws

Successful Candidates

**a substitute tub may be sent if unavailable or discontinued**

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Maintaining a Designation

To maintain the CareTUG*Caregiver designation, the Firm requires the following:

Submission of PDC Form

All initial applicants and designates are required to keep records of their continuing education credits (contact hours) to maintain their certification. Each non-credit online MOOC, 1-hour or more webinar, webcast, seminar, or course will count as 1 PDC. Send all credit points (copy of certificates or transcript highlighting credits) in one package and not individually when the total points required have been acquired along with the application or re-application and processing fee to the Firm.


Other Relevant Knowledge Sources

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The Firm Would Appreciate Your Participation In The Firm's Research Projects If Applicable.


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