October 8, 2013

Corporate Scholars and Educational Scholarship Program Directors:

Many unexpected costs associated with attending college arise for the new freshmen. A need, thus, exits to establish state of emergency scholarships; whereby, entities immediately step each semester to secure college freshmen who are at risk of being disenrolled because of unforeseen financial obligations. The college freshman must have shown a dedication to remain in college based on behavior, conduct, and practice. The rationale behind this initiative is that the investment in a freshman may be more sound than investing in a recent high school graduate who has yet to demonstrate their adaptive capacity to sustain a college lifestyle.

The selection of applicants will be based on the collaborative decision of the financial aid advisor and one professor who has mentored the freshman. Representatives of corporate and governmental systems may highly consider establishing rapports with financial aid advisors at a minimum of 20 higher education institutions to support this initiative. With permission from the selected students and the university, college professors who are appointed to serve on the selection committee are highly encouraged to blog about the success of these students while giving credit for the scholarship granting institution(s). Thank you for your time.

Respectfully submitted,


Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter, CEO and Founder

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