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Arbitration Process Service Contract

Brigette’s Technology Consulting and Research Firm (hereinafter referred to as the "Firm" or "Contractor"), owned and operated by Dr. Brenda L. Nelson-Porter, agrees to contract the Firm's Contract Arbitration Brief Preparation service to (hereinafter referred to as the "Contractee").

Contract Case Information:

Case Number:
Case Name: 

Arbitration Case Recommended by a Court: No   Yes (court case):   

Arbitration Entity:
State of Arbitration:      Date of
Pre-Hearing/Hearing (mm/day/year): 
Status: Moving Party    Pro se Party    Bona fide Corporate Officer    Trust Officer    Association Officer    Corporate Partner    Non-attorney
Role in Arbitration Process: Claimant  Respondent  Witness (Fact)  Witness (Expert)  Other:

Number in Claimant Party:


Number in Respondent Party:


Arbitration Process/Stage to Brief (select one): Dismiss Motion (Eligibility stage)  Dismiss Motion (Prior pre-hearing)  Dismiss Motion (During pre-hearing)
                        Dismiss Motion (Pre-hearing conclusion)  Adjournment  Recuse Motion (Introduction to hearing) 
Default Proceeding  Absent/Postponment (Hearing)
                        Closing Statement Damage (Punitive) Fees (Attorney)  Fees (Witness)  Fees (Production of Documents) Fees (Travel)  Fees (Transcription)
                        Motion to Vacate 

Issues To Be Raised

Relevant Law/Case Law/Statute


Contractor agrees to perform the following services:

Contractee agrees to the terms and to perform the following services:

Additional Terms and Conditions:

Contractee Identification Information:

Company/Firm Name:
Job/Position Title:
Telephone Number:    Fax Number:

___________________________________________________     Date:  

Contractor Identification Information:

Brenda L. Nelson-Porter, DM, ND, Founder, Brigette’s Technology Consulting and Research Firm
Researcher, Brief Developer, Neutral, Qualitative Data Analyst

Signature: ___________________________________________________     Date: