Primary and Secondary School Systems Solution

(Parent-Teacher Arbitration)





Virtual Services

This service aims to assist teachers and parents of students in primary and secondary school systems to identify the problems faced by children whose grades are not meeting state standards.

Participating Primary School Systems

School Systems Form For Staff Members                School Systems Form For Parents


Fifty 50 Arbitrators will be assigned to represent each state in the United States. Three mediators will be assigned to each Arbitrator. Arbitrators and Mediators will conduct virtual sessions with teachers and parents to either derive a potential solution for the parties or mediate the parties. Mediators, however, will escalate unresolved situations to Arbitrators. Mediators will file a report with the school principal, and Arbitrators will file a report with the school principal and any assigned case worker.

Participating Primary School Systems will provide a listing of students failing to this Firm. The Firm will assign an Arbitrator or Mediator to the case along with contact information of the teachers and parents to conduct 1-hour virtual session.

Arbitrators or Mediators who fail to conduct two sessions will no longer be allowed to participate in this program.

Participating Arbitrators and Mediators

Arbitrators will meet virtually monthly with the representative of the Firm.

Arbitrators will meet virtually twice a month with their team of Mediators.

Arbitrators or Mediators who fail to participate in two meetings will no longer be allowed to participate in this program.

Arbitrator Contract Form        Mediator Contract Form



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