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Phenomenological    Grounded theory    Ethnography   AutoEthnography    Phenomenological Case Study
        Case Study: (a) explanatory, (b) exploratory, or (c) descriptive


Consolidate (Merge) Responses by question  specific
                    Type of coding:
a priori coding only
                Theory surrounding the nature of the research:

 Code Data and Describe Themes Derived From Data Collected From the Actual Study of Individual Participants

 Code Data and Describe Themes Following the Consolidation (Merging) of Responses by
                         question  specific

 Number of Questions, not responses:
       1-20 Questions      21-50 Questions     51-100 Questions  100+ Questions
      Number or Estimated Number of Responses:

       Are Word Documents Edited: yes  no   no, however, payment is included to perform editorial services
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yes  no
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yes  no
ist of Research Questions Provided With Invoice:  yes

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The contractee here states that the research has been conducted according to research ethics and academic and organizational and/or political research standards, policies, protocols, and rules. The contractee understands Brigette's Technology Consulting Research Firm (known as the "Firm": contractor) will not be held liable for any form of plagiarism and/or breach of research ethics at this time or if discovered at any later date in the future.

The contractee understands that this service contract is between the Firm and the contractee, which is an organization, small business, independent researcher or entrepreneur, or independent political candidate. I also understand that the majority of the analysis will be conducted by a representative(s) of the Firm; however, the process (analysis) will involve the contractor's full participation in completing the analysis process. I understand without the contractor's full participation, the final delivery of the analysis can be delayed. I also understand that I am not to forward any information provided by the Firm to external individuals, unless prior approved by the Firm.

The contractee am agreeing to pay for the above service(s) and have included a copy of the service page where prices are listed with this contract. I understand the Firm will not accept any other types of personal checks or payments other than means indicated above, and the service(s) will commence after payment and requested documents are received. I also understand that final analysis based on discretion of the Firm will be delivered by email once complete. I further understand that there are no refunds and no guarantees (e.g., that services will receive corporate leadership or editorial approval and/or generate income, sales, profits, or readers in this present time or in the future).

I understand violation of terms can result in cancellation or non-renewal of contract (additional reads or reviews) with the Firm (parent company) and the Firms' subsidiaries.

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