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xxxx, 2025 - Newnan, Georgia
Coweta County (USA)


Established in 2007, the Alumni Association Network (AAN) initially aimed to honor The First: Awarded the Doctorate, however, has advanced to demonstrate the need for positive behaviors across societies through various research, certification, and publishing initiatives.


Symposium Venue (secured for this event)

Newnan First & Historical Library

1 LaGrange Street-2nd Floor, Newnan, GA 30263 USA

Attendee Registration

Couples Only: The Dance with a Scholar is an Exclusive Event for Couples Only.

One of the Couples Must Hold The Title:

*Head of University, Politician, Academic Diplomat/High Education Commission/Minister of Education

*Doctoral and Post-Doctoral Candidate/Graduate or Scholar-Practitioner - Any Discipline
*Student/Graduate who recently completed a minimum of two diplomacy related courses (approved by Founder of AAN)

No Formal Registration Required - First Paid 80 Attendees (40 Couples) Will Be Admitted Into The Symposium: Payment Deadline November 2021

**Participatory Alumni Association Network Staff Members Inquire About Discount**

$675.00 per couple (includes dinner). If you plan to attend this symposium, please pay via (a) Zelle (Wells Fargo) OR (b) Paypal to: visionarymentorship@gmail.com
and complete the for space on Paypal (add 3% service charge) to include event name: A Dance with A Scholar 2022, scholar full name and professional title, guest full name, mailing address, phone number, and email.
Special physical accommodations. No children. If you are an AAN Staff Member, please indicate with title as well. Bring your Paypal receipt to the event with ID showing status.

Disclaimers: Submitting payment further means, the payee (attendee, orator) is waiving AAN, the venue, and/or other partners/vendors of any liabilities. Attendees must turn off cell phones/personal handheld recorders during the speaking and dance team events; attendees cannot personally digital record speakers/orators/presentations or the event with personal devices and/or post personal video recordings to any social media sites. Personal pictures with others during the dinner and attendee dance only will be permitted. Violators will be asked to leave the event and without refund. For attendees with special physical accommodations, a ground elevator is assessable at the rear of the right side of the building.

Number of audience attendees who plan to attend but not yet paid:  8  of 40 couples [as of 5/1/2019]


Gold, White, and Maroon Formal Attire


AAN Program Speaker

Introduction and Speech

AAN Program Speaker [Introduction] [Distinguished Scholastic Orator Award Winner Presented From Previous Day Announcement and Appreciation] [First Awarded Doctorate's in Food Science followed by The Introduction of The Guest Speaker]
Time: 4:30 pm-5:15 pm

Guest Speaker: Scientific Natural Medical Disinformation: Future of Natural Agri-MedTech and Virtual Academic Agri-MedTech Clinical Trials
 [click here for bio]
Time: 5:15 pm-5:45 pm

Socialization and Entertainment

Dinner w/ Music: 5:45 pm-6:45 pm

AAN Program Speaker [First Awarded The Doctorate's in Music and Dance] [Dance Team Introduction]
Time: 6:45 pm-7:00 pm

Dance Performance
Time: 7:00 pm-7:15 pm

Scholars Dance and Socialization: 7:15 pm-9:45 pm

AAN Program Speaker [Closing Remarks]
Time: 9:45 pm-10:00 pm

Additional details

Prospective Guest Speaker


Butterfly Performance
Infinite Elite Dance Team


Dinner Catered

Smoky Southern Grilled Chicken Breast/Sliced Turkey
Broccoli /Turnip greens
Brown rice
Sweet potato casserole
Sweet whole baby carrots
Peach fruit cobbler/Banana pudding
Sweet tea/lemonade/water


Band Performance ~ 80 Jazz Music


Certificate of Attendance

If not provided onsite, participants' certificate will be mailed/emailed within three (3) weeks of the conclusion of the symposium

Earn ten (10) professional development credits (PDCs) for participating in this symposium. A certificate of attendance



Hotels in Newnan, Georgia (USA~30263) - Self Reservation/Self Funded

Casa Bella Bed and Breakfast ~ 1 mile from the symposium venue ~  3 rooms w/2 persons per room

Home2 Suites ~ In Ashley Park ~ 3 miles from the symposium venue

Hotels ten (10) miles from the symposium venue and Christy Cafe ~ 3 miles from Ashley Parks

Travel - Self Arrangement/Self Funded

City of Newnan Free Weekend Trolley
From Ashley Park To Downtown Newnan & From Downtown Newnan To Ashley Park

Passport and International Visa Application

Atlanta ~ Atlanta International Airport (USA) ~ 30 Miles From Newnan, Georgia

Personal Transportation Parking: Anywhere Around/Along The Downtown Newnan Square -Unlimited Timing


Stages of Sponsorship ~ Pillar ~ Crystal ~ Proud Butterfly ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here, the Proud Sponsor's featured business logo will be hyperlinked to the entity's website.

If an external entity desires to be an Academic Pillar Sponsor of AAN's 2023 symposium, the entity should send a formal letter on corporate letterhead with payment of $350 USD payable and mailed to Dr. Brenda Nelson-Porter; along with:

If an external financially constrained entity desires to be a Supporting Pillar Sponsor of AAN's 2023 symposium, the entity should send a formal proposal of services that the entity can offer to promote this 2023 symposium and at no cost to the Firm/AAN and on corporate letterhead to: brigettebrenda@aol.com

AAN Appreciates Your Support!


AAN will hold another event on Friday, May 29, 2023 in Newnan, Georgia (USA) at another location, please visit here to learn about 2020 Academic Diplomacy and Certification Conference






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